GarageBand – How to Create Music

Are you a music lover but don’t have the resources to bring a band together? GarageBand creates a whole new meaning to digital music. Now, you can learn, play, and even create your own music on your Mac through GarageBand. It is the newest form of interactive music creation that enhances the musicality in everyone through an easy step by step process by the click of your fingers.

Through GarageBand, there now is a more convenient way to play your favorite instruments even without having to purchase the real thing. The Best thing is that you can have more than one instrument with this application. It’s like your all purpose music studio in one. Below are a few easy ways to use GarageBand.

  • The application helps you learn how to play your instrument of choice through its virtual tutorial system. You can now learn how to play the piano or the guitar by following the video lessons in the application. First it teaches you the fundamentals by showing you finger placements on basic chords. The screen animates into the instruments you are going to play. The pace in which you learn through basic lessons is entirely up to you so the learning process does not become stressful. When you are ready to play a whole song and are more comfortable with the flow then you can practice with a whole band on background. This gives you a more realistic feel while playing your newly learned instrument.
  • GarageBand-Lessons.png
  • If you want a more professional outlook in learning how to play your instrument, you can purchase Artist Lessons in GarageBand through the Lessons Store. Here, you are able to learn how to play specific songs as taught to you by the artists themselves. Lean to play “Bubbly” through Colbie Calliat herself! A step by step lesson for finger positions and chords is taught for you to follow and practice. When you have mastered the song, you can play it along with the artist’s band and they even tell you about the inspiration behind the song.
  • Your Mac can turn into a musical instrument and you can play onscreen. You can also choose to turn your computer keyboard keys into musical keys through Musical Typing. If you want to document the music you play, GarageBand records the notes you play into a music sheet you can print out and edit according to your liking. There’s no need to pay big bucks in a recording studio to get your music done.
  • Best of all, you can have a full functional recording studio through GarageBand. When finished with recording your music through musical instruments, you can proceed to recording vocals through the Mac microphone or with a high quality recording mic. GarageBand converts the recordings into audio files you can edit and mix with tools available in the application. Every vocal trial is saved allowing multi-takes and mixing for back up to even a maximum of over one hundred tracks. You can structure and mix your songs by sectioning the verses and the chorus.
  • GarageBand-Projects-1.png
  • You can also check out all the various accessories available to your to help you create your own recording studio with GarageBand and your Mac.

Start recording today with GarageBand. Drop us a line with a link to your music and let us enjoy your hard work.