Get the most out of Spaces Part 2: Assign an Application a Space

We recently described a new feature in OS X Leopard, Spaces. Spaces allows users to take advantage of multiple desktop areas to help them stay organized and to de-clutter their desktop. and move application windows between each of the different desktop Spaces.

Part 1 of this tutorial explained how to enable Spaces through System Preferences. Next we’ll show you how to assign an application its own Space. Doing so opens applications to their assigned Space on every launch.

Its a great way to keep your internet browsing and media management separate from your work tasks in Microsoft Office or iWork.

Assign An Application A Space

With Spaces enabled, assigning an application a space is quick and easy. The following steps will guide you through the process of assigning an application to a Space:

  1. Click the Apple Icon and open System Preferences
  2. Select Expose and Spaces and then the Spaces Tab
  3. Click the + button Below the Application Assignments table
  4. Select an Application on your computer and then select the Space you’d like to assign that Application to.

Now that you’ve assigned an application to a Space, open the application and switch to its assigned Space to verify that it opened in the correct location. Repeat the process for all the application organization you’d like.

To see all your Spaces and what applications are open in each simply click the function key (fn) + F8. Once you’re viewing all your spaces, click the expose shortcut (F3 on new Apple Computers) to display all open windows in each Space.

Be sure to check back here at for Part 3 of Getting the most out of Spaces.