Get the most out of Spaces Part 4: Open Apps New Space

Spaces is a great addition to OS X that helps you add order to all your open applications. In previous posts we explained how to get started with Spaces, how to assign an application its own Space, and then how to move from one Space to another with just your mouse.

All of those features make Spaces a great addition to OS X but Part 4 of hints and tips for getting the most of of Spaces will provide the final tip to have ultimate control over what Spaces you want your applications in.

Although you can assign an application its own Space, sometimes you just want to move a few of the open windows you’re working with to their own space. Spaces makes this easy.

We mentioned in previous article that pressing F8 (Or fn + F8 with the new Apple Keyboards) will display all your spaces at once and include an outline of the open Windows in each space.


To move one of your open application windows to a new space, press F8 and then simply click on one of the windows and drag it to the space that you’d like the window to sit in. You can have multiple windows from the same application open in different windows.

Hit return when you’re finished moving each space to its ideal window and cycle through each space to make sure the windows are where you want them to be.