Google Books on Your iPhone

By Dan Hinckley

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A few years ago Google announced that they were scanning in thousands of books from libraries across the world and would make portions of them available to users at More recently Google has made available a portion of the books in their library available for free to anyone interested in reading in a web browser.

Most of the books available for free access and reading at are literary classics where the copyright is now part of public domain. With the continual success of the Amazon Kindle Google seems to want to highlight again its free book library by making it available to readers with an Android and iPhone. The service can be accessed through Safari on your iPhone at

Like most Google sites, a specific layout for the iPhone has been designed that allows users to search for particular books, few featured works, or browse by categories.


After selecting the book you’d like to read, you can navigate to different chapters and sections in the book through the table of contents layout provided by Google Books.


Navigating through the mobile books site is quick and easy and with just a few touches readers can get access to main content and start reading.


If you don’t already have another device for reading electronic books, check out the library available on your iPhone via Google Books.

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