Google Chrome for Macs Has Competition

Stainless for OS X Leopard.pngYou can always tell how good an idea is by how quickly someone else copies it. Google Chrome’s multi-process per tab or window idea must be a good one.

Despite Google being embarrassed about not having an OS X version of Chrome ready at launch they have been working diligently to get one up and running. But, they aren’t fast enough. Stainless, a new web-kit based browser for OS X has released their initial build. And the number one feature that Stainless has is its ability to mimic in many ways Google Chrome’s multi-process capabilities.


But while Stainless will offer Google Chrome some competition in the OS X environment, it isn’t anywhere near ready for the main stream. The initial release basically just features the ability to have a process per tab and to browse the web while doing so.

Stainless - Process Manager.png

Features like bookmarks, view source, history, and many others are still not available in Stainless. In fact, the initial release is just showing that multi-process browsing can be accomplished.

Stainless admits on their home page that their approach to multi-process browsing is far less ambitious and easier to do than what Google is trying to do with Chrome but is using the browser to show of their own productHypercube, a tool that lets you really control the widgets on the web and desktop.

Will Stainless continue to develop or have they done what they set out to do… Prove that multi-process browsing on OS X is easy enough?

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