Google Chrome Released for Macs (Developer Build)

Its been a while since Google originally released their own web browser, but at that time the software was only available for Windows machines.

We’ve posted in the past ways to download and build the Open Source version of the Chrome browser Chromium, but Today Google officially released a Developer Build of the browser for OSX and Linux.

Google Chrome.png

Head over to the Chromium Blog to access the link for the download of the browser. But be warned that the browser is still missing a lot of features, including the ability to watch youtube videos and other flash supported features.

THe browser so far seems to do a fair job of rendering web pages, but the application is a bit clunky on my machine. I also prefer the Safari 4 UI for the tabs up top over the current design for Chrome.


Let us know what you think about the the initial developer release of Google Chrome for Mac OS X. Will it be enough to get you to ditch Safari or Firefox?