Google Quick Search Box and Twitter

In a previous post, I mentioned that you can post to Twitter using Google’s Quick Search Box.

This article assumes two things. First, you have a Twitter account and second, you have Google Quick Search Box installed on your Mac.

Let’s set up your Twitter account information on Google’s Quick Search Box. To do that, go to QSB Preferences.


From here you can change some of the Quick Search Box’s basic behavior. To enable sending status updates to Twitter navigate to the ‘Accounts’ tab


Next, click the ‘Add Account’ button. You can enter two types of Accounts. Your Google account for Gmail and Google Documents or your Twitter account.


Enter your Account name and Password and then click ‘Setup’


Assuming you’ve typed in your account name and password correctly, Google Quick Search Box will inform you that for some account types, the Quick Search Box can also search it’s items, but you need to enable it on another tab. As of this writing, Twitter is not searchable from the Quick Search Box so you can close this warning and close the preferences Window.


At this point you can now ‘tweet’ from the Quick Search Box. To do this, open the quick search box either by clicking on the Dock icon or using its keyboard shortcut. The default is command-command.

Now that the Quick Search Box window is open, it will search your system on what you type, just like Spotlight. To send a tweet though, you need to start with a space. A space tells the Search Box you want to do something with what you’re typing.


Once you’re finished typing, hit the tab key and the menu switches a list of actions.


Hit the Arrow key to select your action, in this case ‘Send Twitter Status’ and press return. In a second or two, you’ll be notified if your tweet was successfully sent to Twitter.


That’s all there is to it from start to Tweet. Although it takes a little setup, posting to Twitter from the desktop becomes very quick and easy to do.