Google Wave On the iPhone

When Google Wave invites originally started going out I was very disappointed that I wasn’t included in the initial fun. I had signed up to be included in invites only minutes after Google announced their in-development Wave product. It, however, seems that I wasn’t the only one and I didn’t get an initial invite.

Be sure to check out additional information about the product and Find Out All There Is To Know About Google Wave.

That has all changed recently as a Google Wave invite managed to find its way to my inbox. As soon as I saw it I quickly signed up and started playing away with the features of Googles “game changing” product. While the product is still in its “preview” or pre-beta stage, it has a lot of potential. I was impressed with how very few page loads are required while using the software.

After I got a feel for how things work with Google Wave, I realized that these cutting edge products are only going to be as powerful as they are functional on mobile devices like the iPhone. So, as anyone playing with a new technology would do, I grabbed my iPhone to see exactly how Google Wave works on the iPhone.

Safari 4, Google Wave, and the iPhone

I was confident that Google Wave would work on the iPhone since Safari is the native browse on the phone. However, when first loaded in my Safari browser on the iPhone I was surprised to see the screen listed below. Google was telling me that my browser wasn’t supported… or was it?

iPhone Google Wave1.jpg

I notice the “go ahead” link and decided to continue at my own peril. What I expected was the Google Wave interface that was developed for the computer, not for mobile devices like the iPhone, but was quickly surprised when the page finished loading. Google obviously understands the importance of mobile software as it appears their development efforts include simultaneous development of their mobile interface as their standard computer based one.

Google Wave iPhone1.jpg

With a fully functional interface, I quickly started testing out the various aspects of the sites. Contacts worked as normal, I could quickly pull up information about individuals on my Contact list.

Google Wave iPhone Contacts.jpg

Starting a wave was a touch away and the notes I added on the iPhone instantly appeared in my version of Google Wave running on my iMac. You’ll notice that invitations available in the screen shot below.

Google Wave iPhone Invites.jpg

Get Your Google Wave Invite

Infact, I have 14 invites to send out. With Google Wave, they’re not instant invites, but ones that they’ll send out in “waves” to allow others to quickly start communicating with their friends and family.

To help get the Maciverse community to Google Wave, I’ll be randomly selecting 14 individuals from those who subscribe by email to the site. If you’re interested in getting an invite, subscribe by email by entering your email address in the box listed at the top of the site. in 1 week from today, we’ll randomly select 14 email subscribers and include them in our Google Wave Invite list.

iPhone Google Wave3.jpg

Wave with Maciverse

If you’re one of the lucky few that already have access to Google Wave, share your contact info in the comments so that we can quickly and easily add you to the Maciverse community Wave for continual discussions of Apple Products and functionality.