Google’s Precipitate – Enhancing Spotlight

For those Mac users out there that are big fans of Google Docs or Google bookmarks, then Google has just the spotlight plugin that you’re looking for.

Google recently announced on their Google Mac Blog the availability of Precipitate, a spotlight or quicksilver plugin that allows you to search and launch your Google Docs and Google Bookmarks.

If your Google Docs library has gotten large and you’d like to be able to quickly search and access those documents from within OS X, then Precipitate is just what you need.

You can download Precipitate from the Google Code library and install its preference pane by opening the downloaded file.

After the file has been downloaded and installed you’ll need to navigate to the Precipitate Preference Pane in system preferences and enter your google account, including “” and your google password. From here Precipitate will connect to your Google Docs and add them to your search results.

System Preferences.jpg

Once Precipitate has finished adding Google Docs to Spotlight, you can search for .gdocs to see all Google Docs now included in your Spotlight search results.