GrandCentral Tools for iPhone – GrandDialer

GrandCentral, a phone service from Google that lets you “ring” multiple phones anytime you receive a call, has recently released their own iPhone application GrandDialer. We’ve discussed GrandCentral previously and how combining it with Gizmo allows you to turn any Mac computer into a free phone.

Now some of those same capabilities are available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

With GrandDialer, you can dial numbers from your iPod Touch or iPhone and have your number appear on the person’s you’re calling Caller-ID appear as your GrandCentral phone number. It does not use VOIP but instead will ring your iPhone or another phone of your choice and then call the individual you dialed.

To setup and make a call with GrandDialer.

  1. Download and install the app to your iPhone or iPod Touch.
  2. Open the application and click Settings
  3. IMG_0010_2.PNG

  4. Enter your GrandCentral username and password
  5. IMG_0010.PNG

  6. Select edit phone numbers, and enter the phone number you’d like to “ring” before any calls are made. This can be your iPhone or any other phone you’d like to call from.
  7. IMG_0012.PNG

  8. After you’ve entered a ring number, you can return to the main screen, enter in a number you’d like to call and start using the GrandDialer.

With each call GrandDialer will ring either your iPhone or any land line number you entered previously and then ring the the number you entered to call once you pick up the line you wished to call. The individual you’re calling will see your GrandCentral phone number in their caller-id.

This feature may be especially beneficial to individuals that have setup a business line with their GrandCentral number and still want to keep their mobile phone number private from people they’re calling.