Great iPad 2’s Come to Those Who Wait

It’s has been circulated that the so-called iPad 2 is scheduled for release in April, also June, and even later. The manager of my local Apple Store says, “We don’t know any more than the public.” April wouldn’t be so bad. June kind of stinks. Later is unthinkable. Even more so if you’ve managed to go this long without an iPad.

Although we can’t be sure until it’s actually in hand, but trudging on through, staying the course, until the new iPad release should be worth the wait. Combining common sense with rumor can give us a good idea of what’s to come.

iPad 2 with camera (totally satire)

Facing the FaceTime Issue

My daughter has the latest generation iPod Touch, which has FaceTime video calling. I love it, but my wife and I haven’t upgraded to the iPhone 4, so the only person she can talk to is another second grader friend. It only makes sense that the next iPad will expand the popularity of FaceTime and have at least a front-facing camera, maybe even the front and rear, along with their popular program. If Apple thinks FaceTime is popular now, wait until usage is expanded by inclusion with the iPad 2.

Muy Claro Display

I’m in the minority. I don’t have a problem with the clarity of iPad’s present display resolution, but I acknowledge there’s lots of room for improvement. The iPhone 4 and iPod Retina Display is supreme, and an iPad 2 with Retina Display will be simply amazing. It just makes sense. It’s also a rumor.


Not display color, but the exoskeleton color, the casing. So far, most Apple portables are little better than Henry Ford’s Model T; you can have any color you like, as long as it’s black, silver or sometimes white. But, although the iPad 2 will look much like the original, no huge structural changes (unless they make a smaller version, see below), people like their colors.For many people, kids to be sure, color in their gadgets is an outward representation of independence and individuality. Plus, it’ll sell a lot of iPads.

There are other rumors, too. Some are obvious, like being faster, thinner and lighter. There are some that don’t make a lot of sense, like the “iPad Mini.” One thing is for certain, a few tweaks like those I’ve highlighted will make a great device truly exceptional.

Image courtesy of Hakan Dahlstrom.