iPhone App Review: heytell


Ever heard of the application on the iPhone called HeyTell? I love this application even more than text messaging!  I mentioned this before, but I have worked in the wireless phone industry for over seven years.  I remember when Nextell came out with their walky talky phones.  This service was a selling point for Nextell and my employer, at&t, tried to come out with their version of the walky talky feature called “push to talk”. at&t was trying to sell this feature on a family plan for $20 extra a month.  People liked the idea of the service, until we showed them the limited line of wireless phones they could choose from that had the capability of this service.  That did not go over very well.

I came across HeyTell on a forum of a mature dating site I was a member of.  Instead of giving out phone numbers, the two on the forum exchanged HeyTell ID’s. I had to find out what HeyTell was so I went to the Heytell Website and I knew what it was from a saying on their website.  The saying was “push to talk for free!”

More Than Just A Walky Talky!

After using the application, I believe it is so much more than just the old walky talky phone feature I used to sell for AT&T.  This application actually saves voice messages you send so you can listen to them at a convenient time if you cannot listen them it right away.

My wife and I use this application more than text messages.  We do this because sometimes we can get into fights because we do not understand the tone portrayed in each other’s text messages, unless bold letters are being sent.  HeyTell allows us to hear each other’s voice which is more refreshing than a text message for us.

No Need for Drexting!

This application has also made texting in a car (Drexting) less tempting.  I can hook up my phone to my car’s Bluetooth system and I can easily receive and send HeyTell messages to users of this application without taking my hands off of the steering wheel.  Everyone at my work is using this application as well because of the amount of accidents from drexting we see in the news.

The Application Is Free, But You Can Purchase Features.

The great thing about this application is that it can be put on most data phones, so you are no longer tied to a carrier or phone type to use this feature.  The application is free, but there are add-ons you can purchase for around $2.  I purchased the Voice Changer so my voice could sound like a robot or singer.  Obviously I never send messages like this to my wife, but it is so much fun to send to my co-workers.

I would recommend this application to anyone that has the best data phone on the market! Yes that’s right the iPhone! I promise that you will love it also!