Getting Ready for Holiday Shopping 2012

It’s almost that time of year.  The weather has begun to chill across the country and before we know it the Holiday shopping will begin.   And who doesn’t want to save money on the holidays? Doing it without having to track around the malls for bargains is even better. Here are  five apps that are guaranteed to save you money as during your holiday shopping this year.

Black Friday Smart Aisles App

This app searches the major stores for current and new Black Friday 2012 offers. This includes the smaller, less-promoted offers that people need to visit the store to find. It collects them up, and then displays them to you in an easy to understand format. You can list the stores you want to visit and then see their offers, or you can enter the item you are looking for to see the stores that are going to give you the best deal. If that does not knock your socks off, then check out its coupon search sideline. It can search for coupons and promotional codes for you, so you can knock even more money off your favorite products. You are also able to save the items and offers you really want on a list, so that you can have quick access to the best ones when you are out and about.

TheFind App

You can use this app to scan a barcode. The app will then search all the other shops that sell this item and tell you if you are buying it at the best price, and where it is available. It also checks out online stores, to see if you could get it cheaper by having it delivered. It will also present you with a map to the store of your choice, from wherever you are. So, if there is a cheaper version of your product just down the road, then you can buzz down and buy it without delay.

OneReceipt App

This is a fantastic app for figuring out how much you spent over the holiday period. You can catalogue every receipt you have, without the memory drain needed for digital cameras or the time needed to run them through a PC scanner. It is a also a good way of filing all of your receipts. For example let’s say that the holidays are over and jimmy’s sweater was too small. You will want to return it, but you are going to struggle to find the receipt/store name/price. Fear not! Put every receipt you get into a box and tuck it under your bed. Just throw them in, there is no need for order. If you use your OneReceipt app, you can check to see if you have the receipt, you can check what is on it and what it looks like. If you need the receipt, simply check your app for what it looks like (big, small, pink, bold type, store name/logo), and pull it from the box. No fuss, no mess.

Fast Mall App

This app is less well known, but is perfect for mall shopping. It downloads a map of the mall you are in, so you can find the store you want. It also shows you where you can eat and drink, as well as where the nearest restrooms are. It won’t save you a fortune like the other apps above, but it will make your shopping experience a lot quicker and easier.


Another lesser known app that is a work of sheer genius, Giftmeister has a list that holds over 150,000 products (and growing). Let’s say that you have a person who is impossible to buy for. Enter his or her stats, male or female, age, brand preference, etc. It also asks if the person is active or lazy, etc. Then once you have built a picture of the person, it gives you a list of suggested presents that are ideally suited for that person.

This has been a guest post by Denise Swanson.  Denise is self-educated in building brand reputation for e-commerce. She is currently working as a consultant helping several brands gear up for the Black Friday 2012 holiday shopping season.