How iPad will help Mac take over the world

It’s no secret that Apple long ago lost the market-share war. They aren’t even close in enterprise adoption, are only on education’s radar because of student usage and trail internationally by a long shot. To most people, Macs are simply too expensive to be considered.

That’s because most of the world competes on price, not value. They buy things in bulk. If something breaks, they don’t repair it, they replace it. I bet most tech-savvy people understand that buying a new printer is more often cheaper than replacing all the ink. I bet that most people think a dead hard drive means a dead computer.

To these people, these people that aren’t tech savvy, that don’t really care how their technology work and don’t want to learn, these people who want their technology to work for them without a whole lot of configuration on their part, I give you the iPad. I’m not the only one who thinks this, so let’s call these people middle-aged America.

And middle-aged America, especially the women who far outpace the men in buying power, shop at places like T.J. Maxx and Marshalls. Those very stores are offering 16 GB, WiFi models at nearly $100 below the $499 you’d see them somewhere else. Sites like MacRumors don’t understand how they can offer these iPads at such low prices, but the answer is pretty simple: they’re willing to take a loss on the fastest-selling tech product of all time in order to get people into their stores to buy clothes.

While I’m sure Apple doesn’t exactly approve of this tactic, I think it’s fascinating for a few reasons.

1. Women control consumer spending by a long shot
We may think men are in power, but in the home, they aren’t even close. Quick, tell me who makes most of the spending decisions around the home? The ladies, that’s who. While my dad is able to sneak in a tech or Mac purchase every now and then, my mom certainly controls most of it.

2. Women want computers that fit into their purses
While this may not be true for ALL women, but most of the gals I know in no way want to lug around a laptop bag for any reason. If they have a mobile computer, they’d like it to fit in their purse. The iPad does that quite easily.

3. The iPad is easy for ANYONE to use
Women have a lot to do. Jobs, kids, running the finances, running the household and a ton of other stuff I may never know about. My mom has had her iPad for three months and I’ve received zero questions about how to do or use something. When she’s on the Mac, I get calls about once a week.

Get the women and you’ll have the world.