How My First iPod Changed Me Forever

With the holiday season upon us and Black Friday ads are appearing everywhere, I wanted to tell a story about my first Apple product. After living in a third world country for two years I returned to US and instantly heard talk about Microsoft’s Xbox, Apple’s iPod, and this reality TV show American Idol. All these things were as foreign to me as I hadn’t been a part of any of the pre-release hype or media announcements while I was living in another country.

When I first returned my fiance talked to me about how great mp3 players were, but I was perfectly happy with my portable CD player I had been listening to for the last 7 years. I was adamant about getting an Xbox for Christmas, but my wife did not like me being distracted by a gaming system. My time was limited from going to college and working a full-time job. She wanted to make sure we got the time needed as a couple to make our relationship work and thought that an Xbox may get in the way of that. I told her not to worry and that no gaming system could distract me from her.

Christmas Morning

Christmas came, but there was no Xbox for me under the tree. Apparently my wife didn’t trust my claims of being more devoted to her than the Xbox. Instead of an Xbox my wife got me got an iPod Video. At the time I was not very happy because I was still in love with my portable CD Player and didn’t see where the iPod video would fit into that relationship. I was so loyal to the CD Player that I told my wife that I was going to return the iPod. However, she convinced me to give it a week’s trial, and if things didn’t work out between me, the iPod, and the CD Player I could get rid of one of them.

I have to say I am glad she talked me into giving the iPod a chance . In less than an hour I had worked out my difficulties with the relationship between myself, iPod, and portable CD player. It was clear that the portable CD Player would have to go.

I could not believe the overall quality, and everything I could put on it. That iPod is by far the best Christmas present that anyone has ever given to me. It has been almost 7 years since the event occurred, and I have to say that I still use that iPod in my car to this day.

My first iPod helped me get through all of the bus rides and Train rides I took while I was going to college. I listened to books, music, and watched movies in my downtime. After countless hours of use the iPad is still going strong. The battery works just fine!

7 Years Later & iPod is Still King

While Apple is now known for Tablet Computers, iPhones, and amazing Notebooks the iPod is still the best MP3 player on the market. Other brands of MP3 players do not even compare to Apple’s iPod. In many cases the iPod I got seven years ago is superior to any other brand of MP3 player on the market today.

Steve Jobs and his team have made the perfect Christmas gifts for family for years! Here is to hoping that his team can continue to build gifts that fit great under the Christmas tree.
Thanks to my wife introducing me to the iPod, I’ve since been able to enjoy many Apple products for years. I hope this Christmas season includes individuals enjoying Apple products for the first time and seeing how simply amazing they are.

What was the Apple product that converted you?