How to Backup Your iPad

Losing your iPad info, settings, apps, contacts, you name it, would be anything from uncomfortable to devastating.Not Minimizing the effects of such a crash with a regular backup would be foolhardy, especially since backing-up is so easy to do.

Toy or Tool, It Doesn’t Matter

I established my belief that the iPad is a viable business tool in an earlier post.That’s based, of course, on individual needs.Whether you use it for business, pleasure or both is of no consequence when it comes to backups.I dare say I’d hate to loose a dozen game apps just as much as my articles database.Before you start thinking I’m a monster at backing up my stuff, I actually, just now, took a few minutes to plan my own schedule going forward.I’ve had my iPad 2 for two weeks and only backed up once.I'll bet this iPad 2 needs a backup

How to Get It Done

levitra genericoYour first step in your backup is syncing.Each time you sync your iPad with iTunes on your computer, iTunes creates a backup of your iPad settings, applications, and certain other information.It does not backup synced music, videos from your iTunes library, or information such as contacts and calendars from your computer.Synced items can be recovered by syncing after you have restored your iPad from a backup.This is done automatically if iTunes is set to auto-sync when connected to your device.Also, when you update your iPad software through iTunes, a backup is created.If you are doing a restore function while connected to iTunes, you can backup if you choose to do so.So, really, it’s as simple as plugging your iPad into your computer for syncing.To make it supremely easy, set it to automatically sync each time it is connected to iTunes.

Do It Often

I plan to backup on a daily basis, because I’m using my iPad as my main workstation and adding new files and information daily.It may be that you don’t have new data, apps, etc.added as often.If so, you can backup less frequently.The important thing is to set a schedule and stick to it.We’ll be glad we did, someday.