How to Get Map Directions on your iPhone

Apple announced last week their latest version of the iPhone (3g S), as well as the upgrade to the phone’s operating system. One of these features includes the capability for full turn by turn direction software from GPS companies like TomTom. While this is a nice upgrade to the iPhone, current users (as well as those that aren’t willing to pay for additional features and support) can get accurate driving, walking, and public transit directions on their standard iPhone 3g.

Directions with Google Maps

To get started with directions on your iPhone, open Maps and follow these steps:

  1. First, have the phone find you’re current location by selecting the small location button at the bottom left hand corner. Once your location has been found, the map will reload with a small pin drop showing where you’re currently located.
  2. iPhoto.png
  3. Next, click the Directions button and enter the address or name of the place you need directions to in the END: field.
  4. iPhoto-3.png
  5. Set your current location as the start point by selecting the Start field and then clicking the Address Book icon
  6. iPhoto-2.png
  7. Select the Bookmarks button at the bottom of the screen and then pick “Current Location” from your bookmark list.
  8. iPhoto-4.png
  9. Click the Route button to see the route to your destination and details about distance and length of travel
  10. iPhoto-5.png
  11. Select how you’d like to get to your destination (Car, foot, or public transportation)and click start to get your first instructions for your route. Click Next, to see each turn you’ll need to make while in route to your destination, and watch your location pin follow along the route as you follow the provided directions.
  12. iPhoto-6.png

    If you need directions that your iPhone has all the tools needed to get you to where you need to be. If these steps seem a bit to time consuming or not as vocal as you’d like, keep your eye out for the latest releases from Apple and GPS mapping service providers for their direction software. Below is the TomTom latest advertisement of their software.

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