How To: WordPress From The iPhone

iphone - Google Image Search.jpgIts clear by the long lines, the millions sold, and the number of software downloads since July 11 that the iPhone has been a success for Apple. One of the reasons that the product attracts so many people is its almost unlimited capabilities. The software that is available allows users to play games, watch video, listen to music, and stay connected to their work as well as their hobbies.

One of the free software applications that is available to iPhone and iPod Touch users is WordPress. WordPress, a very common and widely used blogging and web publishing tool, was released for the iPhone just a few days after the 2.0 firmware was made available. The WordPress application for the iPhone focuses on making it quick and easy to post and update contact on all the WordPress websites you have on the internet.

The following guide will walk you through connecting to your WordPress site and how to post and update content.

After downloading WordPress for the iPhone, open the application and click the “Add a blog…” button on the screen.


Next, enter in the Blog Url, Username, and Password that you use to login and update your WordPress site. After entering the information click save


If you successfully entered your login credentials you should now see the title of your WordPress site on those available on the menu.


Select the blog or WordPress site you’d like to update or edit, once it has loaded you’ll see a list of recent articles. To write a new article click the small pencil and paper icon at the bottom right corner.


The next page you see will allow you to enter the Title of the article you’re writing, enter tags, and add categories as well as enter status. Once you’ve updated details about the content you’ll be writing, the window is open for you to type your article. This will be the true test of how skilled you are at the touch button keyboard.


Press the Categories button to mark the categories that the article falls under.


One of the best parts of WordPress for the iPhone is that it allows you to keep local versions of the articles you create. Feel free to write up a post, but wait to post it to the internet at a more convenient time. It also allows you to write and save data when you are out of 3g and Wifi range. To do just, just leave the status as Local Draft.


After you’ve set all the article variables and written your new content you can Save or Post the article to your site by simply pressing either the Post or Save buttons. Once posting the site, your WordPress on the iPhone application will upload the information to your WordPress Site and make it visible to all your viewers.

Updating web content while mobile has never been so easy.