iCal & Google Calendar Sync Tutorial

Google has finally made it quick and easy to sync your Google Calendar with iCal. In fact, setting up iCal to sync with Google Calendar doesn’t require you do anything on Google Calendar at all.

To setup iCal to sync with your Google Calendar:

  1. Open iCal and select Preferences from the menu bar
  2. iCalScreenSnapz001.png
  3. Once Preferences opens, select Accounts and click the + at the bottom left.
  4. When the pop up screen appears enter a Description for your Google Calendar, enter your email address and password for Google Calendar in the Username and Password fields.
  5. iCal.png
  6. In the Account URL option enter in the following address: https://www.google.com/calendar/dav/maciverse@gmail.com/user – but be sure to change the email address in the URL to match your email address.
  7. Click Add and wait for the sync to take place. Google notes this may take up to 5 minutes initially but that all future syncs are instantaneous.

After syncing iCal with your Google Calendar you can quickly and easily keep track of your events from any web browser and be sure they’ll be updated on your home computer.

Use Google Calendar to Sync Outlook and iCal

I also sync my Outlook Calendar from work with my Google Calendar and because I do so, all of my work events were added to iCal as soon as the accounts were sync’d. You can use Google Calendar Sync with Outlook and follow the instructions above to keep your work and home calendars all sync’d up.