iChat: Send TXT Messages

We recently explained how the new iChat allows users to share their screen over the internet with other Mac OS X 10.5 users but that isn’t the only nice feature about iChat. One less known iChat feature is the ability to easily send SMS txt messages to your friends and family’s cell phones.

It seems that as mobile phones have become more and more common for people of all ages, so has the use of txt messages between individuals of those cell phones. With iChat, you can carry on a conversation with your txt messaging contacts without the phone.

After logging into an AIM iChat account, click File and then Send SMS. A new window will pop up and ask for the number you’d like to send a message to (US phone numbers only).

Be sure to include the area code of the phone number and click OK. A traditional chat window will appear. Type your message and send it. The SMS txt message will be sent to the phone number you entered. Any response from your friend or family member will appear in your chat window as if you were sending instant messages over the computer.

If you continually go over your allotted number of text messages, you may want to start sending some of them from your computer.