Features of iMovie 09

The Mac brings us a movie making system that is so easy to use; you can now make movies of high quality just like a pro. No need to pay huge fees on video editing because iMovie provides you access to incredible features that greatly enhance your movie making experience. To start, you must familiarize yourself with all the features the iMovie offers in order to maximize your use and be more creative with your own movies. By knowing the features, you can isolate the effects you want done and work with a more organized plan in making your own movie.

iMovie Tutorial – Features

Below is a large list of features that is included in iMovie that will allow you to make top notch and high quality home movies:

  1. The Full-Screen Library Browser allows you to view your whole video library containing all your events, photos and project clips. Accessibility is the key in starting your movie right.
  2. Projects and Events can be moves easily from one location to another. If you want to transfer files to empty and give way for more disk space this is made easier through a drag and drop process.
  3. Photos are easily cluttered in files. iPhoto Event Matching finds photos that match a specific date of your iMovie. This way you can segregate your photos according to your movies.
  4. You can also skim through the possible Fonts and Color Palettes and see them on preview. Change the size and custom according to your style.
  5. To organize your preferences, navigating is made easier through icons that you can click to make editing simpler.
  6. Archive Camcorder backs up your original video file clips. Through finder, you can locate your clips any time if errors occur during your editing.
  7. To categorize your video clips more efficiently, you can change time and date of clip files.
  8. Project Library allows you to watch and locate previous projects. Next to each project name is located a filmstrip.
  9. Automated detection to import videos from a MinoHD camera is also available.
  10. Magnify your film strip and adjust your edits to further manipulate transitions, sound effects and titles.
  11. Markers enable you to chapter your movie for easier DVD navigation.
  12. Video selections and replacements are as easy as a drag and drop process. You can edit options between both import video and video on project.
  13. You can manipulate audio clip from the video to have more freedom to use the clip elsewhere or to change its dynamics.
  14. Edit the components on several clips all at once and changing properties at the same time.
  15. Edit music faster by creating beat markers that you can drag and drop audio clips to and they align automatically.
  16. Copy and Paste identical adjustments on different clips.
  17. A trackpad on Macbooks and Macbook Pros can make your editing life easier by simply touching to move clips and details around your project.
  18. iMovie can dissect your movie and adjust shaky frames to enhance your project.
  19. Video effects can pattern your movie to stereotypical shots like cartoon or action and will preview results.
  20. Picture in Picture combines one clip over another and creates a television style video by simply dragging.
  21. Record yourself with a green background behind you and change the background with any background of your choice just like a green screen effect.
  22. A wide array of animated transitions and effects are available for you to edit with.

The list above details a number of features that allow you to get more out of your iMovie making experience. Take time to review each one so that you know to utilize them to help you make amazing movies that are easy for your to watch and enjoy. Periodically we’ll offer iMovie Tutorial steps that outline the specifics of the features listed above. Check back often to find out all you can about maximizing your iMovie experience.