Import Photos to the iPad from a Digital Camera

Carrying different gadgets with separate functions can be both bothersome and burdensome. However, with the arrival of the latest Apple creation, the consumers do not have to deal with the unnecessary stress of juggling numerous devices at one time. The iPad provides its users a convenient and easy way to perform various tasks and gain access to any desired content, any time, anywhere.

One of its many features is its impressive sizeable screen that allows you to view your collection of vibrant photos in excellent quality, and enable you to share them with your friends and family. Because of the many iPad applications and hardware accessories available in the market, the iPad users can now easily import photos from their digital cameras, iPhones or any SD memory card that holds the digital photos to their iPad.

To facilitate the transfer of photos, the consumers need to purchase an iPad Camera Connection Kit containing two connectors: a Camera Connector and an SD Card Reader. The said kit is sold at any Apple store for approximately $29. The iPad supports normal photo formats, such as JPEG, GIF, TIFF, and PNG but it does not look like it includes RAW image formats. It uses iTunes, a media player application in your iPad, to sync photos to the iPad.

How to Import Photos to the iPad from a Digital Camera

To efficiently import pictures from your digital camera to your iPad, follow these quick simple steps:

  1. Attach the SD Card Reader or USB Camera Connector (found on iPad Camera Connection Kit) to the connector port of your iPad.

    If you’re using a digital camera or an iPhone, use the USB cable that was originally purchased with the device and attach it to the USB port of the Camera Connector. Check if the iPhone and camera are turned on and make sure that the camera is in transfer mode. If you have any difficulty setting the camera in transfer mode, refer to user’s manual for guidance. Take note that the USB port located on the iPad Camera Connector is specifically designed to fit cameras only and won’t work on other devices.

    If your photos are in a SD memory card, the iPad Camera Kit also have a SD Card Reader. Insert the SD Card Reader to the connector port of your iPad and simply place the memory card on the SD Card Reader. Remember not to force your memory card into the card reader. If it’s correctly inserted, it will readily fit into position.

  2. Make sure that your iPad is unlocked.
  3. Following a successful connection, a Photos application will instantly appear on your iPad screen and the stored photos on your device will be displayed for your selection.
  4. Choose the photos you want to transfer to your iPad. If you want to transfer all photos in your digital camera or iPhone, click Import All. If you want to import chosen photos only, you can pick the desired photos by tapping the small boxes on the photos you want. You would then see a checkmark on the box of the photo you have chosen. After selecting all the photos you need, the next step would be to click either Import or Import All.
  5. Once your chosen photos have been imported, you may opt to erase or save the photos in your camera, iPhone or memory card.

    Once you have finished your transfer, you can freely view your photos organized in the “Last Import” album. To import photos from your iPad to a personal computer, connect the two devices and transfer the photos using an appropriate photo program like Adobe Elements or iPhoto.

  6. Safely remove the USB Camera connector or card reader.
  7. Turn off your device. Now, you have successfully transferred your photos!
  8. With the successful transfer of your photos you should be able to quickly show them off, share them, and get a larger view than that provided by the small LCD on your camera. Setup your iPad to Digital Photo Frame mode and enjoy the slideshow.