Increase Productivity with Expose and Spaces

This generation has grown more and more dependent on the computer that most of our tasks are done. This however creates more conflict and confusion as we work on various things at the same time. Opening different systems, applications, and windows can be very confusing especially when done all at once. Productivity and efficiency is lessened as we clutter our desktops with more and more operations in our desire to multi task. The sad reality is often we do not accomplish more by doing more. Users get lost in the visual clutter leaving tasks half done in less quality and find themselves searching through open windows to find what they were working on last.
Apple designed OS X in a way in which you can visually organize your windows and stay productive. With a more structured desktop, productivity is aimed to be higher and less stressful. This is done through the Expose and SpacesExpose and Spaces Tutorial

Below are listed features of the Expose and Spaces that may help you maximize your work scenario on your Mac:


  • Expose shrinks all windows that are in use in the computer. All windows appear in a single screen and you are now able to choose which one you wish to work on since you have a holistic view of all your tasks. This is done through a function key shortcut (often f3 on newer macs).
  • Expose.png
  • With Expose, even as the various windows are shrunk, all applications are running and moving. This shows you live progress of several windows at once enabling easier task management. Test it out by starting a video and then pressing the expose key. You’ll notice the video will continue to play as expose shows you your desktop.
  • Expose allows the user to classify windows according to application if the user chooses to work on the current running application first. An example of this is multiple excel files grouped together. Check your Expose settings to see which keyboard shortcut calls this action, but on Macs with the extended keyboard it is F14.
  • Expose-Single-App.png


  • Spaces allows you to create virtually more than one desktop in order to manage your opened applications. Unlike Expose wherein all windows are shrunk into one screen, spaces on the other hand works like several boxes in which you can group your opened windows. This can help you manage your tasks according to various categories like School, Work, and leisure.
  • To easily utilize Spaces you can start the feature with the keyboard shortcut set for it in System Preferences or you can add the icon for it to your Doc. The Spaces App can be found in the Application >> Utilities folder. Just drag the Spaces icon and drop it on the Doc.
    Dock - Spaces.png
  • You can also move windows into different spaces by simply dragging it over to another space and holding for quite some time. Once dropped, you can now work on that window in a different space. This makes it more functional to multi-task.
  • Spaces.png

    Arranging your visual management of the things you are working on not only clears the clutter of your work but also of your mind. Mac enables a more user friendly and user efficient way to work on various applications because it understands the need to meet today’s technological demand. Increase your productivity and effectiveness with Expose and Spaces.