Inpaint – Photo Improvement App

Apple computers have always been the product of choice for graphical artists and many photographers. The high quality camera on the iPhone 5 and how easily the device integrates with Macs has made graphical and photographic use on Apple products increase. This increase has led to the creation of specialty apps on the Mac that help users do more with their photos. One such app is Inpaint.

Inpaint is a photography app that is designed to allow users to easily remove elements from their photos. Whether you have someone that’s Photobombed the perfect picture of you infront of the white house, or a random individual runs through your landscape shot, Inpaint can help you magically reclaim your photographs.

Some of the features of inpaint include:

  • Ability to quickly repair old photos
  • Remove Watermarks
  • Remove Date Stamps
  • Remove text or logo from an image
  • Facial retouching

Putting Inpaint to the Test

We recently tested out Inpaint and were happy with how easy it was to use the app. The user interface is straightforward and easy to understand. We quickly grabbed a picture and added it to the app to start to work with it.

We used the general selection tool and decided that we’d try and edit off the dragons off my sons t-shirt in this “Cowboy” scene.


After adding the image to Inpaint, I used the select Marker selection tool and drew around the entire dragon image on the front of the t-shirt. I applied the “magic” and Inpaint almost did a perfect job of removing the dragoons. It pulled in a bit of the surrounding shading and put them on the shirt in a way that just didn’t look right.

I then decided to remove half the dragon and then the second half to get the look I was hoping for. Here are the results.


Overall, making adjustments to the images with Inpaint was easy to do and effective. It’s a powerful tool that does what it was designed to do very well.

Some of the magic behind the removal is available in other photo editing apps like Pixelmator, but few make the process as easy as Inpaint. Inpaint is available for $19.99 in the App store.