Inquisitor Joins Yahoo

By Dan Hinckley

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Adding spotlight like features to Safari was one of our top 10 ways to enhance your Safari browsing experience. The plugin that allows us to do just that, Inquisitor, has just joined the Yahoo family!

Of course with the new owner comes a new default search engine set for the Inquisitor plugin. For all new downloads of Inquisitor Yahoo will power your search requests from the Safari search bar, but the ability to set it to a different search engine is still included with the plugin.


Thankfully Microsoft’s bid for Yahoo feel apart! just imagine how awkward it would be having MSN live search as the default search engine powering the Safari browser. That really wouldn’t have helped Inquisitors potential.

If you’re already an Inquisitor user, installing the latest update will leave the default search engine what you had set previously but new users will be set with Yahoo.

To change to another search engine:

  1. Open Safari and Click Safari on the Menu Bar and then Preferences
  2. Select Search
  3. Pick the engine you’d like to use from the Search Engine drop down

If you haven’t already picked up Inquisitor, it is worth a try!

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