iPad 2 Case by Mivizu

Its rare that you’ll ever see an iPhone or an iPad without a case. One of the first things people invest in after purchasing an Apple mobile device is the case to help protect it. Cases aren’t just used to help protect the device, but they’re also used to help show personality. Apple helps push the focus of personality to the cases that house their products as they often only ship in black and white. If you want a bit of color to go with their product, you’ll need to purchase a case or cover for it.

Mivizu takes color to heart with their latest iPad 2 case. The Mivizu Sense iPad 2 case comes in five colors, Black, Blue, Gray, Lime Green, and Pink. We were lucky enough to receive a copy of the gray and pink models for testing this past month and have used these cases to hold our iPad 2 during that time. In addition to color, the Mivizu Sense also has a number of additional features.

iPad 2 Case Review.jpg

Like the covers that Apple sells, the Mivizu Sense features a magnet to help the iPad 2 know when to go to sleep and when to awake. Closing the cover puts your iPad 2 to sleep, and opening it again will quickly wake it up. While the case does support the magnet for the wake/sleep feature of the iPad 2, the front cover does not have the magnets that help folding up the front cover into a stand. The cover does fold into a triangle, but relies on the weight of the iPad to keep it held into place. If you haven’t used a cover from Apple then you won’t notice the lack of this feature. If you have, not having the extra few magnets may drive you a bit crazy at times.


One thing the Sense case does extremely well is that it protects the entire iPad 2. Covers from Apple and other accessory makers do an excellent job at protecting the front screen, but fail to do anything about protecting the rest of the device. I found out the hard way with my first generation iPad that you need to protect the back of the device, especially if you have children of any age use the device.


Overall, the quality of the Mivizu Sense case is high and meets the needs of protecting your iPad 2. It offers full protection for your device and even includes many of the features you’d look for from cases created by Apple. You can purchase one from Mivizu or through this online retailer.