iPad 2 Upgrade Follow-up

The iPad 2 is already a hit. There is still a 2 to 3 week wait for the tablet if you decide to order through Apple’s online retail store. I’ve heard of random deliveries being made to to Apple stores around the country, but I’ve also been told of the lines forming at those stores 3 hours before opening. People want the iPad 2, and my guess is that many of them are current iPad owners.

Earlier this week we reviewed the iPad 2, why I decided to upgrade, and if the iPad was right for you. The article showed reasons why I upgraded but I was curious as to why other people from a variety of industries would be ready to upgrade their iPad after only 1 year (or less) of use. To find out I reached out to people for their insight as to the reasons why they upgraded. Below are their responses and what they love about Apple’s latest tablet.

Andy Abramson
CEO, Comunicano

Not only did I upgrade my own iPad to the 3G 64 gig iPad 2, but I also upgraded my wife’s as well to a WiFi only 32GB iPad2, which allowed us to pass on the original two iPad’s we had to two other team members in my company, a 20+ person communications agency, based in Del Mar, CA.We’re all virtual, and we tend to travel a lot to see our clients. The iPad is the perfect on the road productivity device and now with the front and rear cameras I can see others via FaceTime or Skype. I can also use it to take photos or stream video using Skype to someone not in a meeting when I’m on the go. I like it because it’s a bit lighter, feels better in my hands as it’s doesn’t seem as bulky.

Brad Waller

It may sound weird, but the cover was a factor as well. The old iPad design made for cases that it had to slip or clip into, which made the thin iPad twice as thick as it was originally. The case I had was nice enough, but it was bulky and I actually used a microfiber screen cleaner cloth to protect the screen when the case was closed. The new Apple designed cover keeps the iPad thin (thinner with the cover than the old iPad), and the screen well protected. The new magnets will allow for many new covers as well, and I look forward to seeing what other designers come up with.

Zalmi Duchman
CEO, TheFreshDiet.com

I bought the Ipad2 after owning the Ipad. The best thing it offers & the reason I made the upgrade is because of the cameras. I now am able to Facetime with the Ipad2 and that has been incredible & very helpful for work & family.

Charlie Davis
President/CEO – Liquid Ventures

I’ve switched from carrying my Mac Air around to just carrying around the iPad2. Primarily because the battery life on the Air is terrible. So now instead of a laptop, case and charger, I’m just carrying around the iPad. The cover, size, weight and features of the iPad2 have
effectively replaced my entire briefcase. It was definitely worth it.


Lack of video conferencing or “FaceTime” is what really caused me to upgrade on this one product. I’m completely happy with the upgrade. I have a toddler and now he gets to see his grandparents nightly on the iPad. As well, it’s faster and sleeker, making it easier for business use. On business, I now get to face-to-face communicate with customers and employees across the globe. Not that I couldn’t before but it’s easier on my handheld iPad 2.

Whitney Hoffman

I bought the original iPad and actually wrote a good portion of my book (The Differentiated Instruction Book of Lists, coming out in August from Jossey-Bass) on it, so I have been a huge fan… What pushed me to upgrade was the movie editing and garage band features, allowing me to create and edit podcasts/media on the fly with it for the various websites/podcasts I create. I have been impressed with the speed so far and we’ve used skype for video conferencing a few times… I also added a 3G AT&T connection this time, noting that there were a bunch of times that I wish I had the connectivity and so adding that feature also seemed well worth the upgrade.


My business is developing apps, specifically for kids. Therefore we wanted to know how our apps perform on the new platform: we pay close attention to the interactions and have to ensure audio timing is spot on. I also have a long distance relationship and having the camera and the 3G versions means I can speak and see my fiancé pretty much anywhere. This is a huge bonus.

If you’ve upgraded from an iPad to an iPad 2, we’d love to hear about it in the comments. What made you upgrade and was it the right decision for you?