iPad App Review: Turtle World

We love it here at Maciverse when developers ask us to review their games and we were excited when the team over at PlaySnack Games invited us to take their latest iPad and iPhone app Turtle World for a spin.

Turtle World is an action/puzzle game that requires you to navigate a turtle around the screen for as long as possible while avoiding, attacking, and eating your way to the unlock the next world. I’ve spent hours enjoying the different levels and challenges offered by Turtle World!

The game utilizes the iPad’s gyroscope for it’s main control. You’ll tilt the tablet around to have your character, the Turtle, wonder around the screen. As you navigate you’ll try and eat special slugs, find leafs that offer power-ups, and use your turtle shell to protect you from hungry enemies. With each level the game gets a bit more difficult.

In addition to the gyroscope, Turtle World also utilizes touch screen controls to help you aim and fire your shell at enemies. Destroying those trying to hunt you down adds points to your score and makes it easier to unlock the next world.

Turtle World Power-Ups

One of my favorite features in the game is that eating different color snails power-ups your shell with advanced weaponry. Add fire, wings, or spikes to your shell to make your attacks more effective.

This added feature of the game is what really sets it apart as it quickly changes a typical avoidance game into a game where your Turtle is the aggressor. The added dimension helps make the overall play enjoyable.


The Turtle World game is great fun but it was barely able to pass my ‘kid friendly’ test. I typically allow my 6 year old son to try out the various games we have on the iPad to see how easy or difficult it is for him to play. This allows me to get a sense of how other children will have with the game.

Turtle World wasn’t difficult for him to get a hang of or figure out, however the iPad is a bit big for his hands. This makes controlling the turtle with they gyroscope and firing turtle shells on enemies difficult to do at the same time.

This was not a problem for him at all on the iPhone and he really enjoyed the game on the smaller hardware, but the iPad was a bit beyond his motor skills. My nephew who is 9 and has slightly larger hands had no trouble controlling the iPad.

Amazing Graphics

The visuals for the game are great. While they’re not life like 3D images, they fit the feel of the game perfectly. I honestly enjoy iPad games more than modern platforms like the Xbox 360 or PS3 because the game developers are again focusing on gameplay over visuals. With that in mind, the graphics and visuals for Turtle World are a perfect fit for the gameplay!

Grab It Now!

If you’re looking for a new app to help you pass time than check out Turtle World. It’s an enjoyable game at an amazing price of just $.99. Head over to the App Store now download a copy to your iOS device!