iPad Case Review – Franklin Mint

Over the past few months I’ve found myself using my iPad more and more. In fact, I’m not the only one using the iPad more in my home. My 3 boys seem to grab it any time they can to browse the web, play games or try and catch a cartoon on Netflix. With so many of us using the iPad it’s become essential that we have a case to help keep it protected from harm.

As an editor of a blog that covers Apple products we often receive a number of covers, cases, and other accessories finding a case wasn’t difficult. Finding a case we preferred over the rest, was a bit more of a challenge. But after a few months I’ve discovered that there is one iPad case that we never swapped out. The one we received from The Franklin Mint.

The Franklin Mint iPad Case

High Quality

One of the best aspects of the iPad Case from the Franklin Mint is that it’s made from the highest quality leather and other materials. It feels and looks like a quality product and does what it’s designed to do, keep your iPad protected.

The case we received was off orange and was personalized with my name on it. I’m a sucker for products that have been personalized for me so this helped impress me from the very beginning. These seems to be a feature available to everyone purchasing a case from them.

The iPad fits snugly into the 4 corner straps connected to the rest of the case. This helps keep it locked in and secure. The back of the case has a slot that you can slide the front cover into to create a triangle shape and prop the iPad up for typing or watching video.

Take it Anywhere

With great apps like Evernote, I find myself bringing my iPad with me to meetings for work, church, and community development. We have a few iPads in our home and without hesitation bring the iPad in the Franklin Mint case.

I prefer taking this case to more formal settings than other cases because in addition to being extremely functional, it also looks professional. The high quality leather also protects it from smears or marks that seem to be stained into other cases, including those sold by Apple.

Cover of the Franklin Mint Case

Problem Areas

While the iPad case from Franklin Mint is my go to case, it still has a few things that bug me at times. The corner straps happen to fit right near the iPads volume controls, making it difficult to use them to turn up or down the volume. Most apps have touch screen audio control but there are a few that do not and this flaw in the case’s design stands out.

This problem also exists for the top power button. Like the volume control, it is still accessible but the corner straps are just slightly in the way making it difficult to to access at time.


Over all I highly recommend cases from the Franklin Mint to individuals looking to keep their case protected while also maintaining a professional look. They’re made with the highest quality materials, help protect your tablet device, and have a professional portfolio look. You can pick one up here.