iPad Contacts

All of us want to make sure that we want to stay in communication with those we meet everyday, especially those that we have close connections to, may it be personal or business. But with so many people who we want to stay in touch with, it would definitely take a very thick organizer with a contact list in it that surely will not fit all the contact information of our friends, clients, relatives, and just about anyone you can ever think of!

Because the iPad has also kept up with the booming population, and the constant innovations in technology, it has made storing your contacts more fun, easier, and even entertaining. The contacts on your iPad make it so easy for you to access them. As you group them in different categories, or simply in an A-Z manner, you can easily browse the contact details of your business partners, friends and family members. When sending out emails, the contacts section can easily be accessed as well for a faster operation.

When syncing or adding contacts on your iPad, you can do the following easy steps:

  • You can sync the contacts from the applications in your computer, or from Yahoo or Google when using the iTunes.
  • Have your contacts enabled when you are using MobileMe or Microsoft Exchange in your iPad.
  • Make sure that a profile exists when you are installing Microsoft Exchange account with enabled contacts.
  • If you want to access business or school directories, set up an LDAP account on your iPad.

When searching for contacts, you can do so by the family name, first name, or by company name. You can also view the contacts in your organization if you have a Microsoft Exchange account in your iPad that has a Global address list. In the home screen, you can tap on the search box and type the contact. The ones with matching information will appear. When searching for a Global Address List, simply tap Groups, the Exchange server name and then type in the name or company name. Unfortunately, you cannot save these kinds of contacts. You can do the same when searching for LDAP.

Add Photo to a Contact on the iPad

Of course, with the hundreds and thousands of people we come across and get acquainted with everyday and exchange numbers with, it is just but natural for us to not want to be rude. So when we enlist them in our contact list, we make sure that we remember them so that when they contact us, or when we contact them, their photo just instantly appears along with their names on it. So how do we attach a photo on a contact then? It is just quite easy.

  • Go to the Contacts app, and pick a contact.
  • Edit it by tapping on “Add Photo” or replace by tapping on the existing photo.
  • Go to an album and choose a photo. Tap the photo that you have chosen.
  • You can drag and scale the photo to fit your needs.
  • Then, simply tap on the Choose button.

The Contact’s picture will now be included in the iPad for future reference and to help you always remember a name with a face.