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By Dan Hinckley

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Now that both the first generation models of the iPad have been released, its even more important to talk about the ways to utilize and keep your iPads safe. Over the last few weeks we’ve talked a lot about the iPad and how to keep your iPad screen clean, how to keep your iPad screen protected, and now we’d like to talk about keeping the rest of your iPad save.

Of course you can always cover your iPad with the screen and back protection available from Zagg or you can look at a number of different iPad covers that are available to you.

iPad Covers

There are too things to keep in mind when finding and purchasing an iPad cover. Do you need your iPad covers to keep your iPad safe, or are you looking to the case to add some style and individuality?

Below are some links to some very interesting iPad covers for you to consider:

What ever iPad cover you decide on, be sure its one that fits your needs. We love the look and feel of these cases but also understand the importance of protecting your iPad.

Let us know in the comments what iPad covers you’re using. Or if you’re not using one at all.

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