iPad HD – It’s Coming Tomorrow

Apple will be announcing a new iPad tomorrow and many people are reporting that the device will be called the “iPad HD” and not the “iPad 3”. In Apple’s traditional fashion, they’re holding a special event to reveal their new product and some of the features the device will have.

The iPad HD may not be the only product that Apple reveals tomorrow. Their invitation hints at either an update to the Apple TV set-top box or even the rumored iTV itself will be included in the festivities.

For the past few months there have been discussions about what will be included with the new iPad and it is almost certain that the device will include improved resolution.  The visual display of the tablet is expected to be similar in quality as the Retina display is on the iPhone 4 & 4s.

Siri, currently not available on the iPad, will surly make a debut on Apple’s next version of their tablet computer.   Siri itself has helped ship millions of iPhone 4s and including it in the iPad will help drive more sales.

It’s still not clear whether Apple will be releasing a smaller size of the iPad to compete directly with the Kindle Fire or if the company will simply reduce the cost of the year old iPad 2.  An iPad 2 that is comparable in price to the Kindle Fire will seriously impact Amazon’s tablet sales.   I’ve spent a few months with the Kindle Fire and while a solid product, it’s still very limited when compared to the iPad feature offerings.

The iPad HD will probably not include other major updates or features but instead improve upon what makes the iPad great.  I major update that takes the industry by surprise may still be a few years out.

While you wait for tomorrow’s announcement that highlight’s the new Apple product line, check out what a Magical iPad would be like: