iPad Mate – Connecting With Your iOS Devices

Apple has done a great job at making it easy to connect your mobile devices to your Mac and allow you to sync information between the two of them. Unfortunately, iTunes, iPhoto, and Address book don’t features to help you get your media and content into the format that is compatible with all your iOS devices. This is where iPad Mate comes to the rescue.

iPad Mate is the creation of one of our sponsors, ImToo, a software company that specializes in creating software that lets you quickly and easily create and convert media files to formats that work with your devices. iPad Mate is software that does just that, lets you convert and transfer DVDs, Movies, Online Video, and more from your Mac to your iPad, iPhone, or other iOS device.

Installing iPad Mate and Getting Started

Like most software for Apple Platforms, installation of iPad Mate is quick and easy. Simply open the installation file and click through a few prompts to have the software installed onto your Mac.

After the software is installed, close out iTunes and other syncing software that like to connect to your iPhone and iPad and open up iPad Mate. Next, connect your iPad or other iOS device to your Mac with the standard cables and iPad Mate will quickly find the device. Once your iPad is connected you can get started creating and migrating your media files.


iPad includes features to:

  • Rip DVDs and CDs – Just stick in your DVD or CD, select the Rip option from the menu, pick the file(s) you’d like to convert to iPad friendly formats and rip away.
  • Convert Video/Audio in other formats to an iOS friendly format
  • Download online video from Youtube and other sites to your iOS device
  • Make iPhone Ringtones

iPad Mate is great for the options listed above. I particularly liked how easy it was to create a custom ringtone for my iPhone. Simply select a file from your iTunes library, select the segment you’d like to convert to a ringtone, and then send it to your iPhone. The new file will be waiting for your in your iPhone Ringtone menu.

Overall, the iPad Mate is a solid option for converting video and audio formats to formats that are friendly with iOS devices. Its a great option for getting and adding things to your mobile devices if you aren’t comfortable with the features offered with iTunes.