iPhone 4 Protection

If you’re like me and found yourself standing in line for an iPhone 4 and cursing At&t for their systems failures on June 15th that didn’t to allow for more iPhone 4 deliveries then you’re probably just as interested as I am in keeping this wonderful (yet not without its own bugs) new phone protected. You don’t want to find yourself like that guy from gizmodo that broke their iphone on the first day.


iPhone 4 Protection – Protect it like Helicopter Wings

Its true that there are already thousands of iPhone 4 cases out there that we can pick from, or even the iPhone 4 bumpers that Steve Jobs suggest we use to make sure our calls don’t drop due to interference from holding the device but there is more that you can do to make sure your iPhone 4 Protection.

I’ll be honest in that I’ll probably be one of the first purchasers of invisibleShields iPhone 4 protection sheets. We’ve mentioned this before on the site but the invisibleShields skins are made to protect helicopter wings and do an amazing job of protecting your screen. I’m hopeful it will be what I need for iPhone 4 protection during those few times that I am unlucky enough to drop my phone.

I wonder if an invisibleShield protected iPhone 4 would offer better protection from a blender… Now that would be an interesting experiment.

Isn’t Engineered Glass Enough?

Apple is quick to point out that their new phones sport engineered glass that is suppose to be 20 times stiffer and up to 30 times harder than the plastic used on previous phones… but it seems that even this engineered glass shatters… well, like glass. Plastic chips and dents but doesn’t have the shatter effect that we see happening to the unfortunate iPhone 4 owners that dropped their phones.

Interestingly enough, Apple also points out that this engineered glass is the same used in the windshields of helicopters. invisibleShield was designed to protect helicopters, so it should be a perfect fit to help protect your iPhone 4.

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Don’t let yourself fall victim to broken iPhone 4 screens, keep them protected!