iPhone 4 Voice Control

Starting with the iPhone 3GS Apple included “Voice Control” functionality into their iPhones. The iPhone 4 is no different and even with the latest iOS release you can quickly and easily take advantage of iPhone 4 voice control commands. One of the many reasons that Voice Commands are a must have on any modern smart phone is the ever increasing need to have hands free devices and controls while driving.

Additionally, voice controls on the iPhone 4 make standard functions like calling friends or playing music quick and easy. Despite its benefits, the iPhone Voice Control functionality is one of the features on the phone that is not used enough. To start a voice control command on your iPhone 4 press and hold the center button until the Voice Control app appears.
iPhone 4 Voice Control-2.png

Below are a list of iPhone 4 voice control commands and some of their benefits:

  1. Call Someone On Your Contacts List – Say “dial” or “call” then the name of the person in your contacts list that you’d like to call. Add “Mobile” or “Home” if the contact has multiple phone numbers in your Address Book
  2. FaceTime Call – Say “FaceTime” and then the name of the person in your contact list that you’d like to call with FaceTime
  3. Dial a Number – Say “Call” or “Dial” and then the number you’d like to call. Be sure to speak clearly.

The iPhone 4 also includes voice control commands for managing your music in the iPod app.

  1. Control Music Playback – Say “play” or “play music”. You can pause by saying “Pause”.
  2. Skip to Next Song – Say “Next Song”
  3. Play Previous Song – Say “Previous Song”
  4. Play an Album – Say “Play” and then the name of the album
  5. Play an Artist – Say “Play” and then the name of an artist
  6. Play a playlist – Say “Play” and then the name of the playlist
  7. Shuffle your playlist – Say “Shuffle” while playign a playlist
  8. Find out information about your music – While playing a song, say “What’s Playing”, “What Song Is this”, “Who Sings this Song”, or “Who is this song by” to learn about the song being played
  9. Make a Genius Playlist – Select a song and then say “Genius” or “Play more like this”
  10. Find out the current time – Say “What time is it”
  11. Cancel a Voice Command – Say “stop” or “cancel” after saying a command