iPhone: 5gb Free Online Storage

Even though Apple recently increased the storage space of their iPhones and iPod Touches, the 16gb or 32gb options may just not be enough for you. Well, don’t worry about filling up your iPhone space with files you only need some of the time. Store the files online and only download them when you need them most.


DivShare.com provides users with 5gb of Free online storage (you can pay for additional space) and has recently optimized their website for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Once you’ve created a free account with divshare.com you can quickly upload any file to their servers and either keep the file private, or make it accessible to others. Personally, I like to keep things private.


When you need the file most you can use your iPhone (or iPod Touch) to navigate to http://www.divshare.com/iphone and login to your account. All the files you’ve uploaded will be nicely displayed for you on your iPhone (or iPod Touch). Select the file you’d like to open and Safari on your iPhone will download and display the file contents to you.

I personally find it very useful for word documents and excel files. I then know I can quickly access any document that I may need while being out and about.


Note that the iPhone and iPod Touch do no support all file types, but are great for opening word documents, excel files, and more. Although not all file types can be accessed by your iPhone or iPod Touch, divshare.com provides the ability to email the files to anyone of your choice. This makes sending out files while you’re away from your computer to individuals that need them quick and easy. Of course, assuming you remembered to upload them before you left.