iPhone – At&t Data Outage

It appears that At&t is having issues with their 3G and Edge networks this morning.  I was at work and both my co-workers who have brand new iPhones were unable to get any internet connection for any of their apps over 3G or Edge.  

Since both individuals were unable to get access, and despite the full connection status bars displayed on the phone, we figured it must be a network outage. 

Techcrunch confirmed this theory as many other individuals across the Northeast US are having issues connecting to the internet on their iPhones.  Some reports say this is impacting all At&t users and not just those with iPhones. 

Techcrunch is also reporting that At&t is aware of the problem and is looking into it.  Hopefully their “looking into it” consists of them fixing them problem and not just identifying it.   It seems more often than not that Apple’s pick of At&t as the network provider in the US may have been a big mistake…

Are you having trouble with your iPhone connection?