iPhone: Create a Home Screen Link

When the iPhone was originally released, the only way for developers to create applications that worked with the phone was to do so with a web based program.

These applications would be accessed via Safari and allow users to play games, keep track of to do lists, and many other quick and easy web based solutions.

Developers weren’t very happy with this type of application for a mobile device because it didn’t allow the developer to take advantage of the phone’s hardware. Apple eventually gave in and provided an SDK, but there are still a number of developers that create applications for the iPhone via web based programs (Google’s Gmail, Meebo, etc).

If you have a web based application that you use often and you’d like to access it directly from the iPhone home screen, you can create an iPhone Home Screen Link by following the steps below:

  1. On your iPhone, open Safari and navigate to the web based application or website you’d like to create a link for
  2. Once the site has finished loading, select the “+” at the bottom of the iPhone
  3. iPhoto-1.png
  4. Next, press the Add to Home Screen button
  5. iPhoto.png
  6. Your iPhone should now place a link to the web based application or website on your home screen automatically

Like other iPhone Apps, the link created on the home screen can be move or re-arranged. If the developer has created an iPhone iCon, it will be downloaded and added in place of the standard Safari linked item on the home screen.