iPhone MMS

Since the iPhone first became available, one of the major weaknesses of the device is that it did not include MMS or Multimedia Messaging Services. MMS is the capability to send video and pictures to other cell phone devices through the phone’s standard text messaging capabilities.

The lack of MMS technology on the iPhone stood out every time someone would send a message with a picture to an iPhone user. The text message would include a link to a website and required a long and complicated login and password to see the image. iPhone users were not particularly interested in this approach.

Earlier this year Apple announced that they had upgraded the software on the iPhone device to be able to send and received MMS messages on an iPhone. But as quickly as everyone rejoiced over the news, they explained that the US network on At&t would have to wait because the cell provider did not have the infrastructure to support mass use of the MMS technology.

iPhone MMS Enabled

The Day has Finally come and gone where At&t decided they could support MMS capabilities on their network of iPhone users. On September 25 iPhone owners could attach their phone to iTunes and get the Provider update that would enable the feature.

If you’re trying to enable the feature through iTunes, be sure to CHECK FOR UPDATES on the phone as it may not automatically check for you. Then it should just take a few seconds for the MMS Capability to be enabled on your phone.

Problems with iPhone MMS

If you’re having any problems getting your iPhone MMS to be available after you finished the update do not worry. Many individuals have had to Restart Their iPhone For the new feature to be available.

After it has been restarted, you can check to see if the update took by opening a new text message. you should see a small picture icon next to the text input field. Press the icon to send a new, or previous selected picture through your iPhone. This feature should also be available for video features at the same location.


Now iPhone users will quickly and easily be sharing pictures and video with all other MMS users. Be sure that your iPhone lens is clean before you start sending out MMS messages.

If you’ve had other problems and are restoring your iPhone Backups, be sure to enable the MMS feature again through iTunes or it will not be enabled on your phone.