iPhone Photo Sharing

iphone - Google Image Search.jpgIf you own an iPhone and love sharing photos, than the new website Natuba is just for you. This site was designed by iPhone owners for iPhone owners with the intent of providing an optimal place to share photos taken on your iPhone.

After getting iPhones, we began taking photos on the go and soon realized we needed an easy way to share them with our friends. Although there were plenty of photo sharing sites on the web, none of these sites were designed specifically for iPhone users. So we created Natuba, a site for uploading, sharing and viewing photos from your iPhone.


The site is a quick and easy way to upload and share the photos you’ve taken on your iPhone and discuss them with friends, family, or other individuals that browse through the site. Adding comments to pictures is quick and easy for account owners.

If you don’t have an iPhone and are interested in the quality of pictures the phone takes then head over to Natuba and click the ‘Surprise Me’ button to randomly be displayed a photo upload by an iPhone owner. The site also provides search capabilities to find photos of certain topics and includes displays of related photos to the image you’re currently looking at.

So go ahead and check out Natuba and their iPhone photos.