iPhone Quick Tip: Customize Email Signature

Like other smart phone manufacturers before them, Apple sets the default signature on all emails coming from your iPhone with a “Sent from my iPhone” message. This free advertising keeps the iPhone on the minds of people you communicate with and lets them see how productive you’re being with just your phone.

But, you may not want people to see where you’re sending messages, or you’d like a standard personalized custom email signature to be sent when communicating emails via the iPhone.

How to Change your iPhone Email Signature

To change your iPhone signature to your own custom message:

  1. Click Settings from your iPhone
  2. photo-4.jpg.png
  3. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars on the Settings Menu
  4. photo-3.jpg.png
  5. Scroll down to Signature and Select It
  6. photo-2.jpg.png
  7. Customize the Signature to how you’d like it to appear on each out going email and return to the Mail settings, and then Mail to test out our new email signature
  8. photo.jpg.png


While Apple allows you to customize your iPhone signature, they don’t allow you to setup a unique signature for each of your email accounts that you may have connected to your iPhone. So if you are hoping to have both a professional and/or witty signature at the same time you’ll have to wait for an update from Apple.