iPhone Recall …. Not Going to Happen

Apple has finished their press conference related to the iPhone 4 antenna issues that many media outlets have been reporting. Originally, many press organizations and individuals anticipated the iPhone 4 being recalled by Apple. They pointed to the Consumer Reports recommendation of “don’t buy” as the final major set back for Apple’s iPhone 4 release.

No iPhone 4 Recall

The problem with the reports and suggestions of an iPhone 4 Recall is that the phone has been selling like crazy despite the reports of antenna issues. In fact, Apple has sold over 3 million phones since originally launching the product 3 weeks ago. And now that Apple’s press release has come and gone, we can clearly see that the iPhone 4 is here to stay.

Apple started their press release in classic fashion. They pointed to a youtube video describing the problem… and essentially what Apple’s response would be.

The iPhone 4 will not be recalled, its Antenna issues are over blown, the press has jumped on the bandwagon to call the product a failure, and if you don’t like using it then Apple will gladly take it back. At first this sounds like Apple is being a bit arrogant about the issue but they aren’t ignoring the .5% of the 3 million customers that call Apple to complain about the antenna. Steve Jobs, after pointing out that the Antenna problem impacts Android phones, Blackberrys, and many other mobile smart phones, announced that Apple will be giving away free cases to iPhone 4 owners who purchase the phone before Sept 30th.

The cases will be sent to owners who register through the Apple website that should be made available to the public early next week.

Cases, and some Bumpers

Free Cases for everyone! But, Apple doesn’t have enough Bumpers for everyone. I know I personally like the design of the iPhone 4 enough that I’d like not to keep it covered with a case. I protect it with the invisibleSHIELD iPhone 4 protection kit. It keeps the front and back protected and lets me put on an Apple bumper of my choice.

Unfortunately, Apple isn’t giving away free bumpers to everyone. Steve Jobs slightly pointed out during the conference that they’d be providing iPhone 4 cases to individuals through their websites as they wouldn’t be able to make enough Bumpers for everyone in time.

Keep checking in at Maciverse, as we’ll post details about how to register for your free case as soon as its made available. If you want a bumper, we imagine you’ll want to be first to register for them as they probably won’t last long. And just out of curiosity, please post in the comments if the antenna issue has impacted your iPhone 4 usage.