iPhone vs. iPod Touch, Which Is Best For You?

Now that the initial iPhone 3g craze has passed and you no longer have to wait in long lines to pick up your own iPhone it may be the perfect time to be the newest iPhone owner. But before you make that purchase you may want to compare the iPhone 3g to the iPod Touch one more time.

The chart below shows that while the iPhone 3g does have all the features of the iPod Touch but with some additions and more flexibility, but the total 2 year costs is over $1500 more than the slightly less featured iPod Touch.


It may be an easy and clear decision for you that the iPhone is the way to go as you’d be paying similar prices if you combined your iPod Touch price with your Cell Phone subscription for 2 years but don’t over look the value of the iPod Touch. It can do almost everything an iPhone can do when you’re in WiFi locations such as your home or work, and I imagine for many of us those are the two places we spend most of our time.

While I can see value added with the flexibility of the iPhone I do understand that those extra features may not be enough for everyone. So, if you haven’t already made a decision, review the feature sets, costs, and how you feel you’ll use the devise to see if the iPhone 3g or the iPod Touch is perfect for you.