iPhoto 09 & Facebook Albums

One of the new features in the 09 version of iPhoto is the ability to link albums to your Facebook account. With this feature, you can easily create and manage Facebook Photo Albums straight from your iPhoto desktop application.

Creating a Facebook Photo Album in iPhoto

To create a Facebook Photo Album in iPhoto follow these few simple steps:

  1. Open iPhoto 09 and select the album, events, or collection of photo’s that you’d like to share
  2. Click the Facebook Button at the bottom right hand of the iPhoto window
  3. iPhoto-16.png
  4. If you haven’t already done so, iPhoto will ask you to connect with your Facebook account by entering your login and password to a Facebook application verification and permission window
  5. Next, iPhoto 09 will ask you who can view the set of photos. Select if you’d like to share with everyone, friends of friends, or just friends. Finally, click Publish
  6. iPhoto-17.png
  7. After clicking publish, iPhoto will start to upload the pictures to your account. It will show you the status and provide a link to the Facebook Photo album once it has finished
  8. iPhoto-18.png

Once you’ve created your Facebook Photo Album in iPhoto 09, a new collection will be shown under “Facebook” on the left navigation menu of iPhoto 09. A new album will be created for each of the Facebook Albums you’ve created in iPhoto 09.

To modify the album, either delete, add to, or modify the pictures in your Facebook Album. If you add new photos, they’ll automatically be uploaded to your Facebook album.