iPhoto Backup DVD

We recently wrote about the importance of backing up your photos and iPhoto collection not only with Time Machine but also with online backup options.

But, if you’d like to be extremely prepared for the worse, you can also create an iPhoto Backup DVD. Creating a backup to DVD is great for times when you’d like to store your video collection in a Fire-Safe or safety deposit box. Like Mac Online Backup methods, this will allow you to keep your iPhoto library safe in times of disaster.

To create an iPhoto Backup DVD follow the steps listed below:

  • Open iPhoto
  • Once in iPhoto be sure to select the Events Library and not any one particular event. If you select any event, then only that event will be backed up to the DVD.
  • iPhoto Backup
  • After you’ve selected the event, click Share and then Burn from the Menu Bar
  • iPhoto will ask you to insert a blank disk, and let you know that this disk is for use with iPhoto only and not with other applications or Operating Systems. This iPhoto Backup is made for use with iPhoto only.
  • iPhoto Backup DVD

After you insert the DVD, iPhoto will burn backup copies of your entire library. All of your digital memories can be accessed on this DVD and easily restored to iPhoto when you needed it most.