iPhoto Book

During the Holiday Season and at special moments throughout the year, one of the best gifts that someone can give is one of memories. Apple must have had this in mind when they included the ability to make Photo Books through their photo management software iPhoto. An iPhoto Book is quick and easy to make and is something that any one who receives one will love.

Each and every iPhoto Book comes made with the highest quality material. I’ve seen them shared amongst friends and family members and they have a high professional look and feel to them. And while the materials that make up the book are great, the most important aspect are the quality of pictures that you select to go in the Book.

I’m a true believer that the quality of images have a lot to do with the quality of the camera that you use. These Digital Cameras are some of the best available. Find one that matches your price range and has high quality review scores.

A new camera will help you make amazing iPhoto Books.

Making an iPhoto Book

To make your own iPhoto Book to share with friends and family, open iPhoto and find the small “plus” icon in the bottom left hand corner. Click it and a selection of things that you can add will be displayed. Select the iPhoto Book option.


Next, click through the messages that iPhoto will show you to let you know that you’ll need to add photos to the book. You’ll now need to navigate through your picture library to select the pictures that you’ll want to add to your iPhoto Book.


Drag and drop the pictures you select to the various pages of the Book to make up your iPhoto Book that you’ll share with your friends and family.

Each page will include locations that can store the pictures in your library. Drag the images to each location and easily type in details to add a personal touch to each photo album you create.


At the bottom of iPhoto there will be options to change the layout of pages, add new pages, modify the text fonts used, and more. Use these to make your iPhoto Book album perfect for you and your friends or family.

Once the book is finished, click the Buy Book button to upload the iPhoto Book you created and send it to Apple for production. Within a few days your Photo Book will be shipped to you and you’ll be ready to share.

This is a great Holiday Gift option so be sure to take advantage of this before it is too late.