iPhoto Help: Maximize your iPhoto Experience

iPhoto is one of the best pieces of software for organizing, managing, and editing your photo collection. This Mac Only software integrates with most other Mac pieces of software and is packed with a number of features that include slideshows, facebook photo sync, and face recognition technology.

Despite its large collection of features, iPhoto has a learning curve. It takes some time to learn all of its capabilities and then how new users can maximize their experience on iPhoto.

iPhoto Help

But like all the other applications included on OS X, iPhoto includes an impressive help section. Below is a break down of what is included in iPhoto Help option.


Search – iPhoto Help’s basic feature is the ability to search through the rest of the help documentation to quickly find information about the feature you’re trying to utilize and need iPhoto Help with.

iPhoto Help – A document library of step by step instructions on how to utilize the features in iPhoto. Tutorials in this section include importing pictures, editing pictures, sharing photos and more. This is a great start at getting direction on what you need to do to optimize your iPhoto experience.

iPhoto Help.png

Welcome to iPhoto – A dashboard of short information to introduce new users to iPhoto, its basic features, and how to find additional information about using the software.

Video Tutorials – One of the most overlooked features of iPhoto Help is the Video Tutorials option. This takes you to Apple’s Video tutorial section that includes demonstrations of how to Manage Photos, Organize Photos, Single Click Enhancing, and more.

Keyboard Shortcuts – The Keyboard Shortcuts section of the iPhoto Help options details the various key strokes that can be utilized to speed up your photo managing and editing efforts. Keyboard Shortcuts always increase productivity.

Service and Support – This help option will take you to the support section of Apple.com. Here you can find common problems, discussion groups of users helping users, and information about problems you may be facing.

iPhoto is a great piece of software. Take the time to maximize your experience with it so that you can enjoy the photos you’ve taken in many different ways.

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