iPod Classic

We recently discussed the strong features still available in the “less talked about” iPod Nano, even though most of the attention these days is driven towards Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch. But it seems that the Nano isn’t the only iPod that hasn’t gotten a lot of focus lately.

The iPod Classic is currently a hot topic amongst rumor articles that discuss the upcoming Apple media event. Apple often upgrades their iPods in September, in preparation for a long Christmas buying season.

Apple’s iPod Classic, which previously came in 80GB, is now available in 120 GB models. The device has impressive features and is fully loaded with media capabilities that keep you entertained where ever you go. As the name implies, this iPod is made with classic design and finished with metal sleek body.

It is designed with a large storage space of 120GB, in increase from the previous 80GB model. This storage space is more than enough to store full length videos and large amount of music file. This iPod is enclosed with aluminum anodized structure and made with metal body. It is easy to hold and is compact enough that you can carry it anywhere you want. Like other models of the iPod, the Classic has an intuitive interface that helps you to select and play media.

Apple’s iPod Classic is enabled with new Genius playlist capability that lets you easily access a collection of relevant media from your own personal library based on your current song selection.

Additionally, You can store a large movie library on the iPod Classic. This is a significant feature with the iTunes media offering available to individuals around the world.

The battery life on the iPod classic is 40 hours for audio playback and 7 straight hours for video. It truly is an option for those long car rides.

The iPod Classic includes three different games; iQuiz, Vortex and Klondlike. The screen is only 2.5 inch so it can make watching video and playing games more difficult than options available to iPod Touch or iPhone users. Share videos and photos with Mac using iTunes and sync the photos for easy access. If you’re looking to save a few bucks the 80gb model offers the same features and capabilities of the current iPod Classic. Check out detailed reviews on iPod Classic 80gb before you make a purchasing decision.

Like the iPod Nano, the iPod Touch, and the iPhone the iPod classic has a lot to offer. Its larger storage space makes it a great option for users who are interested in bringing their complete media package with them wherever they go. Be sure to check out reviews of all the iPods before you decide which is best for you.