Is the iPad 2 Smart Cover For You?

Like most of their recent products, the iPad 2 is a success and has already sold over 4 million times across the world. Individuals from all different industries are purchasing the device and using it continually. Apple can contribute some of this huge success to the low price point that they sell their tablet computer at.

But the last two releases of the iPad has also shown that Apple is interested in a piece of the “Accessories” ecosystem that surrounds their products. Apple is 2 for 2 with releasing new covers at the same time they launch a new iPad. If the trend continues we can expect to see each new model have a custom cover or case to help boost their sales margins. The extra $39 that Apple charges for each cover can be expected to be almost all profit, and selling these covers allows them to make up for some of the lost margins that come with pricing the tablet at the competitive price point.

Apple’s iPad 2 Smart Cover has all the ingredients you’d expect from an Apple Product: a solid design, lots of bright colors, and enough “show” to grab peoples attention. But, is the Smart Cover the best option for keeping your iPad Safe?

Should You Get A Smart Cover?

When you first start using the cover you’ll notice instantly that if feels like it was part of the iPad 2 design. It fits perfectly with the device and the way it puts the iPad 2 to sleep when you cover the screen is ingenious. The more you fold it into a triangle and use it to prop up your iPad 2 for reading, typing, or watching video makes it clear that this cover was clearly designed to make using the iPad 2 a more enjoyable experience. Unfortunately the Smart Cover doesn’t do enough to help protect your iPad 2.
iPad 2 Smart Cover Review

My original iPad suffered from small scratches on the back of the tablet from periodically setting it on a table or random surface. The iPad 2 back is made up of very similar material and is prime for a random scratch here or there. Over time these add up and your wonderful tablet starts to look less wonderful. The original iPad case that Apple developed covered the entire iPad. It was clear that the tablet was safe from scratches when it was in the case. The iPad 2 Smart Cover doesn’t protect the back of the iPad at all.

Before you go out and purchase a Smart Cover for your iPad 2, be sure to ask yourself if increased usability is more important than protection. If the answer is a clear yes then Apple’s cover will work perfectly for you. But don’t be disappointed when you start seeing small scratches on the back of your iPad 2. There are thousands of other covers available the will allow you to protect your iPad 2 and keep it clean.