iWeb: Add New Themes

FCDAF13C-CA4D-4C56-968B-D591AEE599BC.jpgApple provided a number of themes with their iWeb application, one of the pieces of software that comes with ilife, but sometimes you may want a bit of a different look or feel from what others are using on their site.

It is true that iWeb has included simple tools that allows you to customize each theme that is part of the application but if you’re not interested in taking the time to customize each and every page, a theme not included in iWeb may be just for you.

After searching the web for iWeb themes it looks like 11mystics.com is the best place to find layouts that can give a custom feel to your site.

It is true that 11mystics.com charges for a majority of their themes but does provide a free theme for users that register with their website. Additionally, they offer a number of images that you can use to help build your website just the way you’d like.

If you’re not sure if you’d like to pay for a new theme, you can check out a number of live examples of others that have used themes created by 11mystics.

Once you’ve downloaded the new theme, an installer will run to add the theme to iWeb. Once its finished the theme you’ve added will be included in your theme options in iWeb and ready for you to add that custom look to your website.